About Us

Our Philosophy

At The Training Generation we specialise in guiding and supporting employers and employees in the energy and steam generation industries.  Employer and Employee safety is paramount when working in the industry – we take this safety seriously. We take our role as an independent organisation seriously to ensure people are not “just given” a certificate to operate dangerous equipment.  We keep in contact, do our own practical assessing and make regular site visits to monitor competency to a high level.  Who you speak to when you contact our team, are the same people who will be alongside you for your entire learning pathway.

We do not believe that ‘just enough’ information is developing a safe and skilled workforce, so we strive to deliver above and beyond the minimum standards required and develop the future of New Zealand’s energy and steam generation industry workforce to be among the best in the world.

Our Story

The brain child of Ewen and Robyn Graves; both with power generation in their blood, a passion for training and helping others reach their full potential.  They spent 15 years providing learning and assessment services to the ITO’s and became independent when the government established Te Pūkenga.  The change meant the previously known ITO’s could not use other company’s learning material to deliver qualifications.
Ewen’s father was Station Manager at Rugeley ‘A’ Power Station in Staffordshire, UK. Ewen gained qualifications in England and New Zealand as an Operator and working on commissioning projects, to then become a registered assessor and moderator for the New Zealand power and process operations industry.
Robyn’s father emigrated to New Zealand in the 1960’s and was a key player in commissioning at Kawerau, Karapiro and Marsden, and went on to manufacture Gas Turbines and become a tutor for apprentices in the industry. Robyn has held senior management roles in Training and Development, sales and purchasing, business analysis, web development and within ITO’s.

The Training Generation offers Trainer experience from over 30 years in the domestic and overseas steam and electricity generation industry, across a wide range of operating platforms including coal, oil, wood, gas and geothermal power stations, and from training management in various industries around New Zealand.

We have enhanced the earlier programs to an advanced standard with improved processes and assessment resources, using current technology whilst meeting the need for improved industry competencies.  

Our team has worked with adult trainees and mentoring in career development, including preparation and delivery of training resources for the likes of Fonterra, Genesis Energy, Contact Energy and other industries around New Zealand, as well as large generation companies in the UK.

Directors Ewen and Robyn Graves’ experience in training spans over 40 years collectively, in a number of industries both around New Zealand and overseas. 

Ewen has been significantly involved in training in the UK and in New Zealand, being a technical subject matter expert (SME) as well as having the understanding of the qualifications to mentor managers and trainees in training pathways. Ewen is a registered moderator in New Zealand.

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