Online Learning and Work Controls

Under the Health and Safety regulations, the PCBU (person conducting a business or undertaking) shall ensure that all employees are adequately trained to operate the equipment, and have documented evidence of their competency, and an ongoing review.  We work with our industry stakeholders throughout New Zealand and overseas to ensure that their Process Operations, Boiler House safety and Steam Turbine Generator competency learning needs are met. We also specialise in needs analysis for site training programmes and Standard Operating Procedures.

As an independent provider of learning and assessment material design, we have close direct relationships with the stakeholders and work with Hanga-Aro-Rau Workforce Development Council to assist with continuous improvement for Industry.  We are part of the review group for the qualifications and internally review all our own content bi-annually, to meet our customers’ needs.

Mā wai te huarahi e hora? Mā ngā ahumahi!
Who will pave the pathway forward? Industry will!

We offer a comprehensive ENCHEM learning pathway through our TTG Online Learning Platform – the first in New Zealand – and ongoing mentoring ensuring competency against operating best practice, on your own site. 

Online Learning - TTG Online

TTG Online, our online portal to everything related to your study, is where you can access online lessons relevant to your area of qualification.   Our online classroom allows a trainee to access lessons, information and assessment material anywhere at any time.

TTG offer our very own on-line ‘Office Hours’ forum where every trainee is given the opportunity to speak directly with a TTG mentor/assessor each week.  This allows the opportunity for questions to be answered, lessons to be discussed or shared to enable learners to remain motivated to succeed.  This has been hugely successful in eliminating leave and travel to attend courses and increases the face to face time with our mentors and assessors. How can your team and business NOT benefit from our online learning?

Our team will provide you with a login for TTG Online once your enrolment is complete.

Work Controls

We provide online self-directed Work Control Recipient and Issuer workshops, including refresher accreditation bi-annually.  This covers the GPG and Staylive requirements for site isolation safety.  Why travel and sit in class when you can complete your learning online?

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